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seminar-signupThe most important decisions you will ever make are those which have an impact on your future, and the future of your family. Growing your business, investing in real estate, protecting your assets, planning your estate, providing for your heirs…these are courses of action that require careful thought.  I’m Steven Gibbs, founder of the Gibbs Law Office, PLLC, and I am a Florida Estate Planning Attorney and Asset Protection Attorney based in Southwest Florida.  Your goal is to make the right legal decisions and our goal is to make sure that comes to fruition through a very different approach t practicing law. We are a value based law firm that is designed to help you identify your ultimate goals and then comprehensively address those objectives. We do this through a variety of legal programs which are based upon what is most important to you.

Steven J. Gibbs, Attorney

Steven J. Gibbs offers a unique approach to practicing law.

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Wills, Trusts and Estates are an Important Part of Asset Protection:

Do you have a Will?  Have you executed a Power of Attorney and Medical Directives? Who will take care of you in the event you become disabled?  A good Estate Planning Attorney knows that estate planning is never as simple as filling out a boiler plate form. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to Estate Planning. Your goal is to make sure your wishes are upheld as your desires weave their way through the Judicial System. As a Probate Attorney, my biggest job is to keep your estate out of probate and your life out of a guardianship.  Through proper estate planning, we can eliminate these expensive processes while keeping your loved ones in control of you and your assets.  If you are one of the “unlucky ones” who  have not established a Trust or worse yet, have used the services of an “online” service provider that has left out some valuable information in your $250 Trust, I, as an Estate Attorney, can assist you with this procedure. As an experienced Estate Planning and Probate Attorney, I understand not only the process, but the effect that the process can have on the people you care about the most, the loved ones who are left behind.

The Bottom Line on Protecting Your Business Assets and Real Estate Assets:

Are you thinking of starting a business? Considering bringing in a partner? The legal format you choose is important to more than just your bottom line. The right choice is part of your legal asset protection strategy. I am more than just a business attorney; I am a business owner too! I understand the challenges that small business owners face, and I’d like to help you face these challenges by setting up the right type of entity. How about your real estate holdings? Have you considered an LLC or Florida Land Trust? How about utilizing your IRA for self-directed investing?  Perhaps an IRA LLC or Checkbook LLC is advisable for you?  Legal documents and needs require an in depth review of your goals and concerns.  Our goal is to help you make the right decisions for your specific concerns.

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