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Florida Estate Planning

You may think that I’m being harsh, but I’ve seen a lot of stuff in the estate planning world that can only be described as not smart. So, in a good faith attempt to prevent further “dumbness”, this article will offer insight into 7 Florida estate planning mistakes that can make you look dumb later if not corrected. […] Read more

When referring to your Florida estate planning, the term “estate” consists of the bundle of assets and liabilities that  you own at time of your death.  When referring to your “assets”, they consist of anything that you own that has some value.  Your  “liabilities” are basically debts or amounts that you owe to third parties. Despite the […] Read more

Have You Ever Noticed That People Tend To Plan A Florida Vacation With Much More “Gusto” Than They Do Their Florida Estate Planning? Many things in life are a question of motivation, and estate planning is no exception.  It isn’t too hard to believe that people generally spend a lot more time and energy planning […] Read more

Although I always try to explain legal concepts in plain language, I am aware that many of my posts include Florida estate planning terms that may not be easily understandable…   I am therefore dedicating this article to clearing up some basic legal jargon by shedding some light on the most common Florida estate planning terms, in […] Read more

Surveys show that about 70% of Americans have done no estate planning whatsoever…not even a simple will.  We all know that New Year’s Eve is a time to create some goals or resolutions, if you will, for the new year.  If you’re in that 70% category and are a Florida resident, I encourage you to […] Read more

I have often emphasized the importance of having a professionally prepared estate plan to protect yourself and your loved ones. However, I haven’t said much about the actual results of a bad Florida estate plan (or having no plan) and how this impacts families. Common Results of a Poorly Conceived Bad Florida Estate Plan There are a […] Read more