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Florida Homestead

Surviving spouses have robust inheritance rights in pretty much any jurisdiction, but in Florida those rights are especially strong.  Whether or not a decedent spouse leaves a will—and even if a will expressly disinherits the other spouse—a widowed spouse retains legal rights in at least a portion of a decedent spouse’s estate.  In many cases, […] Read more

A common question often asked, and one that actually been the subject of some question within the Florida legal community, is whether a Florida Homestead should be titled into a Florida revocable living trust? When we talk about homestead protection in this setting, we are not talking about the tax exemption status offered by the […] Read more

Today’s article is about what happens to a Florida homestead, a/k/a “family home” when someone forgets all about their spouse and then dies without ever having added a spouse to the title of the family home. This misstep can to a messy probate for the surviving spouse.  Even worse, if the deceased spouse neglected to […] Read more

During hard times, home can be a refuge from the pressures of the world – a place to find shelter, security, and love.  And for Florida residents experiencing financial difficulties, home can also serve as a safe haven from creditors due to the many Florida homestead advantages to be discussed in this article. THERE’S NO […] Read more