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Florida Medicaid Planning

It is common knowledge among professionals in the estate planning world that to downsize your estate may be an important part of limiting your federal estate tax exposure.  This can be done through “gifting” to individuals and other entities, such as irrevocable trusts, or pursuing other “spend down” strategies. However, professionals aren’t always aware of the […] Read more

When folks are doing estate planning in Florida, they often are trying to take care of those they love the most, and this is one of my favorite things being a Florida estate planning attorney.  However, many don’t realize that their generosity can backfire if they fail to consider the relative circumstances of those loved ones […] Read more

The great joy of serving as a Florida estate planning and elder law attorney is when our years of expertise combined with some creativity results in making a real difference to someone in need. This phenomenon occurs often in the arena of Florida Medicaid planning where our vulnerable Seniors are faced with difficult medical circumstances […] Read more

The aging of a loved one, particularly a parent or spouse, can be described as an emotional roller coaster. The changes that a loved one is experiencing, as well as the financial and other emotional pressures, make this a very frightening time for many people and yet there are serious issues to navigate at the […] Read more

Did you know that one of the biggest risks to your future estate plan in Florida is long term medical care costs? This is also the planning concern that is most often missed or ignored by planners. There are only a few ways to plan for these costs and one way that can be effective […] Read more

As an introduction, Florida Medicaid planning is basically Florida estate planning with a twist.  The required documents and legal issues are similar to those needed for conventional Florida estate planning. However, if aging adults are involved, there is a greater emphasis on a planning strategy that is focused on paying for long-term medical care. One very common […] Read more

In the world of Florida Medicaid, there are a lot of misunderstandings that take the form of five common Florida Medicaid myths. These “myths” can tend to be kind of “ingrained” and thus tough to correct and cause needless stress for families. For example, an estate planning client commented recently that she would have to spend […] Read more