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Living Trust Florida

Most of our clients and friends who are Florida residents know that a Florida revocable living trust is a useful family document and can be important for avoiding probate in Florida. However, while a Florida revocable trust is an ideal option for avoiding probate, there are many additional benefits that may be extremely useful for your […] Read more

The flexibility of your living trust is something that impacts your estate and your loved ones in a huge way. This flexibility either prohibits or empowers your fiduciaries and loved ones to make choices concerning your estate.   If you’ve completed your plan and issue of the flexibility of your living trust has never been addressed, I […] Read more

I was recently talking with a colleague who is a divorce attorney about how important it is to update a Florida living trust in the event of divorce.  This got me thinking about life changes and how they necessitate Florida living trust changes, and other updates to your Florida estate plan.  So, you need to know when […] Read more

Acclaimed star of the Fast & Furious series, Paul Walker, died in a tragic car crash at age 40. His estate was thereafter opened in the Santa Barbara County Superior Court and it was revealed that his assets were valued at approximately $25 million. Further investigation revealed that planning mistakes were made as the result […] Read more