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Innovations in Florida Legal Services to Better Serve Clients

Innovations in Florida Legal Services

In today’s fast changing climate where legal services and information are increasingly available on the web, it is important for law offices to embrace new innovations in Florida legal services in order to best serve the needs of Florida clients.

How Florida Legal Services are Innovating to Accommodate The Changing Needs and Expectations of Florida Clients?

Florida Law Offices Are Becoming More Affordable and Client Centered

Years ago, the status quo in legal services was characterized by dark mahogany desks and chandeliers in the lobby which was likely manned by a stern faced secretary. The emphasis, which was somewhat obvious, was that the the client was privileged to work with the distinguished firm.  The client was informed of how the firm operated and there were few if any options available to the client.  If the client could afford the retainer deposit, he was afforded the privilege of being “accepted” as a client.
Fast forward 50 years.  No longer is legal information carefully preserved for those “in the know” behind those mahogany walls.  Legal tools and information is widely available with the click of a mouse.  The abundance of legal information is both a positive and negative phenomena because while the availability of information is a positive there is in increased likelihood of misinformation.  Progressive law firms have adapted to this new environment in order to meet the new expectations and demands of clients.

Increasing Emphasis On Legal Products vs. Legal Services

For example, in our Florida estate planning law office we now recognize our clients as customers and our services as interwoven with customized legal products, and there are no mahogany desks. Our shift in emphasis hits home on a couple of levels which include a philosophy that we are privileged to serve our customers and committed to providing cutting edge legal products.  Our bundle of services include all areas related to estate planning and elder law such as Florida Wills and Revocable Trusts in Florida, Florida Probate and Trust Administration in Florida, Florida Powers of Attorney, Florida Advance Healthcare Directives, Florida LLCs and Corporations, Florida Asset Protection and Florida Elder Law and Medicaid Planning. Our products are “Florida law firm products” and not “self help” and all of the above services are offered on a flat fee “value based” pricing system so there is no more mystery and no surprises.
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