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As American’s, our Florida seniors are living longer and healthier lives.  However, the blessing of an extended life can bring a few challenges and most seniors will eventually need Florida Elder Law planning.

Florida Elder Law is a term coined to cover legal practices that places emphasis on those issues that affect the growing aging population.

Elder Law in Florida

Elder law in Florida encompasses many aspects of other areas of Florida law.

Estate Planning in Florida for Seniors

First and foremost, it is especially important for Florida’s seniors to have an updated Florida estate plan.    This means that your last will and testament should be in place and your Florida revocable living trust should be in place AND properly funded to avoid probate in Florida.

Long Term Medical Care Costs and Medicaid in Florida

Planning for long term medical care costs are a major consideration for aging seniors and this therefore becomes a major planning issue.  If you’re not among the wealthiest of Americans then planning for these costs should be a matter of great concern.  In addition to self pay, long term care insurance and Veteran’s benefits, the Medicaid programs in Florida offer need based benefits when certain criteria concerning assets and income are met.

Asset Protection and Florida Seniors

Assets can be preserved and families can be saved from great heartache if certain legal strategies are adopted to protect as much of the estate as possible.  Various Florida asset protection strategies are available whether in the context of Florida Medicaid planning or pursuing other Florida estate planning goals.

Other Healthcare Planning in Florida for Seniors

It is essential that you have a current Florida medical directive.  This document is crucial and allows you to designate who will make medical decisions should you not be able to do so.  It is also critical to have an updated durable power of attorney in Florida.  Without these documents, someone who is mentally incapacitated must have a court appointed legal guardian.  This is a costly procedure.  If you’re proactive now, you can have a family member or trusted friend make medical decisions and business decisions for you instead without the extensive cost and complications that occur if you leave it up to the court system.

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The Gibbs Law Office is a Florida estate planning law firm that provides complete Estate Planning, Business Planning, Asset Protection, Elder and Medicaid Planning, Real Estate, Probate and Trust Administration legal services throughout the greater Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Bonita Springs and Naples geographic areas and most legal services are available statewide in Florida.

The Gibbs Law Office was founded in January 2009 upon the commitment to provide client-centered legal services.