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estate planning

Protecting and promoting healthy relationships is near and dear to everything that we do when helping people with estate planning matters.  A couple of caveats for this article are as follows.  First, estate planning is all about identifying key relationships with family and friends, both past, present and future, in so many ways.  Second, estate […] Read more

Although I always strive to explain concepts in plain language, I am mindful of the fact that many of my posts include legal jargon that may not be easily understandable to the average reader.  So I am dedicating this article to clearing up some common estate planning terms defined in plain language, sans the legal […] Read more

Lots of things in life are simple. As individuals we can get pretty complicated when it comes to identifying who we really are and what is really important to us.  I believe this is because we live in a world of constant distraction. We are bombarded with relentless marketing that is designed to tell us who […] Read more

Buy-Sell Agreements in Florida are a critical part of a Florida business succession plan AND this is a key part of your Florida estate plan if you own or operate a business in Florida or hold Florida real estate. However, even when folks do some business planning, they sometimes neglect the key component of preparing an effective […] Read more

Planning a vacation is an endeavor that most of us can get really excited about. Estate planning, on the other hand, can be viewed as a burdensome process for many reasons.  So, it is understandable that many people spend more time doing vacation planning than doing estate planning. For all of us, it is more challenging to […] Read more