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Gifting Strategies in Florida

We’ve all heard “it’s better to give than to receive.” And, philosophically speaking, that’s probably true.  The satisfaction that comes with doing a good deed for a fellow human being is more valuable than an iTunes gift card or freshly baked Key-lime pie.  However, when the topic of conversation is the federal tax code, it’s […] Read more

Spousal Elective Share Florida

Today’s topic has caused many a successor trustee in Florida some serious concerns and loss of  sleep during the Florida trust administration process.  Most people aren’t aware of the concept of a “spousal elective share” and how the spousal elective share could derail your estate plan. The elective share concept applies only in certain jurisdictions, […] Read more

Estate Assets in Florida

There’s no one-size-fits-all estate plan in Florida.  Factors like your marital status and the ages of your children (if any), the complexity and size of your estate, and your personal goals and preferences can all make a huge difference in deciding on the right strategy. For some folks, a tried-and-true Florida Last Will & Testament […] Read more

Florida Trust Funding

The heirs and beneficiaries of a Florida trust as well as the accountants, financial advisers and trustees are all impact by trust funding in Florida or the lack thereof.   This is one of the most important aspects of creating a functional Florida estate plan and this article will focus on why trust funding in […] Read more

Social Security Benefits for Florida Retirement Planning

Understanding Social Security Benefits for Florida retirement planning and questions about when to begin taking payments are among the most common posed to those of us in the elder law, estate planning and financial planning community. SSR of course refers to retirement insurance provided through Social Security is generally viewed one of the federal government’s […] Read more

3 Reasons an LLC is a Great Asset Protection Option

We recently reviewed some great creditor protection strategies that can be included in any Florida LLC Operating Agreement. This is continuation of that snapshot to offer 3 reasons why an LLC for Florida Asset Protection can offer an effective and simple solution. As a refresher, creditor protection in Florida is a term that is used interchangeably […] Read more

Naming a Preneed Guardian in Florida

Most people want to make their own choices.  We all have the right to think for ourselves, choose our own paths, make our own mistakes.  Unfortunately, though, sometimes situations arise in which a person is no longer capable of making decisions about important matters like healthcare or financial affairs. Incapacity of this nature typically arises […] Read more

Prenuptial agreements in Florida

When most people think about prenuptial agreements in Florida (a/k/a premarital agreements), they immediately visualize the stereotypical rich older man marrying a young babe…or perhaps the wealthy “cougar” marrying the svelte young muscle head. These kinds of albeit stereotypical circumstances often lead to marital disputes, thereby requiring a strict marital agreement to protect the spouse […] Read more

Rental Investment Property and Florida Medicaid

Qualifying for Medicaid benefits in Florida can make a huge difference in an individual’s quality of life.  Whether the applicant is elderly, disabled, a retiree of limited means in need of home-based care, or falls within another coverage category, Medicaid provides for access to healthcare that might otherwise be unavailable.  With this in mind, it’s […] Read more

Using Qualified Income Trusts for Florida Medicaid Planning

This week’s topic is a highly technical one which continues to evolve in the fast moving climate of today’s Florida Medicaid world.  Florida Medicaid Programs evolved in 2014 with the onset of newly named “Managed Care Programs” and Home and Community Based Services (“HCBS” ) Programs, which replaced the earlier “Medicaid Waiver” programs. Florida, is […] Read more