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Florida Medicaid Will

The topic of how “good estate planning” may be “bad Medicaid planning” has merited some serious attention, and this concern seems to be gaining traction in the uncertain world of elder law and Florida Medicaid planning. One example is where Florida revocable trusts and Florida asset protection techniques are implemented to safeguard estate assets, but little thought […] Read more

A-B Trusts and High Net Worth Estate Planning in Florida

A thoughtful estate plan not only reduces conflict between surviving family members, it also ensures that your wealth ends up in the right hands.  Careful planning maximizes the legacy you leave for the next generation and minimizes the transaction costs of administration and asset transfers.  Perhaps more importantly, though, a well-crafted plan is customized to […] Read more

With the click of a mouse, there is a great deal of information at our fingertips about trusts and estate planning. Amidst this vast amount of information, there are some common misconceptions. One such misconception is that a revocable trust is about whether to use a Florida revocable trust for a “small estate”. The misconception […] Read more

TOD and POD Designations in Florida

Efficiency is one of the chief objectives of any solid estate plan.  Well-planned transfers allow your loved ones to start benefiting from your assets with minimal delay.  Cost-efficient planning maximizes assets available for inheritance by reducing transaction costs and administrative fees that might otherwise eat away at an estate.  One way this efficiency can be […] Read more

Flexibility of Your Living Trust

The flexibility of your living trust is something that impacts your estate and your loved ones in a huge way. This flexibility either prohibits or empowers your fiduciaries and loved ones to make choices concerning your estate.   If you’ve completed your plan and issue of the flexibility of your living trust has never been addressed, I […] Read more

Florida Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act

In general, Medicaid is a need based program to provide aid to those with chronic medical conditions. As a bit of background, Medicaid and Pre-Medicaid planning in Florida is an important part of creating a Florida estate plan and designing a wealth transfer and preservation strategy in Florida.  In the fast changing world of healthcare […] Read more

Web Based Legal Documents

Why to Say NO to Web Based Legal Documents? [vs. Attorney Prepared Documents] We live in a time when web based products of all kinds are abundant and often the choices available via the web seem to surpass what is available through more traditional means. While web based legal documents can be an enticing option, […] Read more

Gifting Strategies in Florida

We’ve all heard “it’s better to give than to receive.” And, philosophically speaking, that’s probably true.  The satisfaction that comes with doing a good deed for a fellow human being is more valuable than an iTunes gift card or freshly baked Key-lime pie.  However, when the topic of conversation is the federal tax code, it’s […] Read more

Spousal Elective Share Florida

Today’s topic has caused many a successor trustee in Florida some serious concerns and loss of  sleep during the Florida trust administration process.  Most people aren’t aware of the concept of a “spousal elective share” and how the spousal elective share could derail your estate plan. The elective share concept applies only in certain jurisdictions, […] Read more

Estate Assets in Florida

There’s no one-size-fits-all estate plan in Florida.  Factors like your marital status and the ages of your children (if any), the complexity and size of your estate, and your personal goals and preferences can all make a huge difference in deciding on the right strategy. For some folks, a tried-and-true Florida Last Will & Testament […] Read more