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Florida Notary Law Update 2020

Nowhere in the legal environment is the “notarizing” of documents more important than in the world of estate planning.  In Florida, notaries provide a way to verify those who seek to represent an elderly person in Florida legal matters, and this reality impacts millions of elderly residents doing Florida estate planning. The Florida notary law […] Read more

Estate Planning Updates in Florida

Just as regular medical checkups are important for physical health, regular checkups are important to diagnose the need for regular estate planning updates in Florida. There are 3 kinds of life changes that impact your estate plan in Florida.  These 3 major areas of change make it very important to schedule a regular checkup with your Florida estate planning attorney for […] Read more

This article was inspired by a discussion with a colleague who works in financing mortgage banking.  He mentioned that title companies were starting to get very careful about Florida durable power of attorney problems when handling a Florida real estate transaction. We speculated that title and escrow companies were becoming wary of these powers of […] Read more

Power of Attorney Image

We tend to think of the word “attorney” as a synonym for “lawyer.”  And, for the most part, that’s usually the case.  Technically speaking, though, an “attorney” is an individual empowered to act on behalf of someone else, and it doesn’t always have to refer to a lawyer.  An “attorney in fact,” for instance, is […] Read more

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts

Trusts are creatures of state law.  Each jurisdiction has its own legislation authorizing and regulating trusts, and the various trust statutes can differ significantly between states.  More practically, the financial objectives you can accomplish with a trust in one state might not be possible in another. When people ask about trusts for asset protection, a/k/a […] Read more

Global pic to illustrate Florida Estate Planning for Non-Citizens

An estate plan can be designed to serve multiple goals, depending on the individual.  Your objectives might be to reduce taxes and transaction costs while providing for the long-term support of loved ones.  Someone else might be more concerned with ensuring assets remain in the right hands and simplifying the estate-administration process. Florida estate planning […] Read more

Young man helping senior to illustrate Florida powers of attorney vs guardianships

A comprehensive estate plan will often address one or more contingencies in which you need someone else to take actions or make decisions on your behalf.  It might be your lawyer delivering an important document, a trusted friend managing your finances when you’re incapacitated, or your spouse making healthcare decisions you can no longer make.  […] Read more

Medical Clipboard to Illustrate Florida Estate Planning and HIPAA Compliance

A solid Florida estate plan addresses more than just finances.  While organizing assets efficiently and providing for the smooth transfer of wealth is vital, you also need to make important decisions about non-financial matters.  One area of non-financial matters typically involves decision making that is “medical in nature” AND medical matters in this country are […] Read more

Florida Living Trust Asset Protection

You’ve probably heard that living trusts can avoid probate, yet how about providing asset protection from protection creditor attacks? Florida living trust asset protection is thus a hot topic and one that often involves a few misconceptions. Understanding Asset Protection in Florida Defining asset protection in Florida is a great first step to understanding how […] Read more

Blended family to illustrate Florida estate planning for second marriages

Marriage is a beautiful institution, and a wedding is a pivotal event.  You’re starting an optimistic new chapter in your life, and you want to be prepared for all the major personal changes a new marriage entails. A second (or third) marriage, while often every bit as significant, bring a host of even more “changes […] Read more