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Business Continuity Succession Planning

If you’ve owned a business in Florida for any length of time, you’ve most likely crossed paths with any number of advisers. If any of those advisers typically work with business owners, they may have suggested that it is a good idea do business continuity succession planning. If you’ve never been given such advice, perhaps it is the time […] Read More

Florida 529 Plans

Now, there’s no two ways about it – college is expensive.   Scholarships are great, but they are also highly competitive and might not be available or suited to the student’s career path.  Student loans are, of course, available, albeit much maligned.  And, if at all possible, you want your child or grandchild to come out […] Read More

Non-traditional Estate Planning in Florida

The definition of “family” has expanded to become more inclusive over the past 25 years to include many variations in lifestyle. For those who live a non-traditional lifestyle, the importance of non-traditional estate planning in Florida may be even greater than for traditional families. A non-traditional family may involve a couple living in an unmarried relationship. A blended family with children […] Read More

Testamentary Trusts in Florida

A common misconception in estate planning is that you have to choose between a trust and a will. Although it is true that you can use inter vivos trusts (a/k/a living trusts) as an alternative method of distributing assets, trusts and wills are by no means mutually exclusive.  In fact, the two are often used […] Read More

Estate Planning Updates in Florida

Just as regular medical checkups are important for physical health, regular checkups are important to diagnose the need for regular estate planning updates in Florida. There are 3 kinds of life changes that impact your estate plan in Florida.  These 3 major areas of change make it very important to schedule a regular checkup with your Florida estate planning attorney for […] Read More

Dynasty Trust in Florida

The term “dynasty trust” sounds like something that could only be useful for aristocrats or folks with more money than they could possibly spend in a lifetime.  Jeff Bezos might need a dynasty trust.  Or Bill Gates.  But most estate plans don’t need that sort of thing, right? Well … it’s not quite so simple. […] Read More

Power of Appointment in Florida

Today’s topic concerns a relatively unknown Florida estate planning tool called a “power of appointment. A power of appointment in Florida is a special power granted to an individual or class of persons as a part of your estate planning documents, usually in a Florida last will and testament or revocable living trust. A power […] Read More

Supplemental Security Income ("SSI") in Florida

The term “disability benefits” can refer to several different sources of income for someone who becomes disabled.  The benefits could be payments from a private long term care or disability insurance policy or come in the form of Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”).  Private policies cover either long-term or short-term disabilities, ensuring a source of […] Read More

Income Only Trusts for Medicaid Planning

The great joy of serving as a Florida estate planning and elder law attorney is when our years of expertise combined with some creativity results in making a real difference to someone in need. This phenomenon occurs often in the arena of Florida Medicaid planning where our vulnerable Seniors are faced with difficult medical circumstances […] Read More

Florida Estate and Inheritance Taxes

Florida is one of only seven states with no state income tax.  When combined with the warm climate, the friendly tax policy that allows for NO income taxes AND NO Florida estate and inheritance taxes makes Florida an immensely popular retirement destination.  After all, if you’re a retiree on a fixed income, the tax savings […] Read More