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Florida Last Will and Testament Attorney

No matter what the size of your estate, every Floridian should have a last will and testament. This is why you need a Florida last will and testament attorney to make sure it is done properly. 

Why You Need an Experienced Last Will and Testament Attorney? 

Your Florida last will and testament is an intricate part of your Florida estate planning because it specifies your wishes in the event of death. Don’t settle for just any attorney.  Your Florida last will & testament attorney should focus strictly on Florida estate planning.

If you migrated from another state and intend to remain a Florida resident, your old last will and testament should be reviewed in order ensure that the preparation and execution of these critical documents are in alignment with Florida law.  While your out-of-state documents may adhere to the rules and regulations of your old state, those same regulations may not apply in Florida and this can make things unnecessarily complicated.

If your old last will is really “dated” it may also be difficult to locate witnesses in order to validate it, and this could result in unwanted changes to your estate distribution. A Florida last will and testament attorney can help you determine if your old will is enforceable or needs to be updated.

A Last Will and Testament in Florida

A Last Will and Testament in Florida Expresses Your Wishes To The Probate Court.

A last will and testament is a legally binding document that determines how your property is distributed after your death.  In your last will you nominate a personal representative who will oversee the process of making sure your wishes are carried out according to your direction. This is done by entering your will to the Florida probate court through the court system. Your Florida last will and testament attorney should also be an experienced Florida probate administration attorney.

One common misunderstanding is that a will governs all your assets; however it really only covers the assets that are in your estate and not designated to pass another way.

For example, in a life insurance policy, you normally have beneficiaries, if they survive you.  Under this circumstances, the terms of your will do not govern the life insurance benefit and the life insurance proceeds would be payable to the beneficiaries you have named.  In addition, real property, automobiles, bank accounts, etc. may not be governed by the terms of your will if you do not hold title individually.  These are just some of the issues that can arise, and things can become very confusing and intimidating.

As your Florida last will and testament attorney, the Gibbs Law Office can help you make sense of the confusion and prepare an legally sound last will and testament.

Contact us today to get started OR for a complimentary review of your current will (subject to conditions).


Steven Gibbs is a Florida last will and testament attorney who provides complete Estate Planning, Business Planning, Asset Protection, Elder and Medicaid Planning, Real Estate, Probate and Trust Administration legal services throughout the greater Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Bonita Springs and Naples geographic areas and most legal services are available statewide in Florida.

The Gibbs Law Office was founded by Steven Gibbs in January 2009 upon the commitment to provide client-centered legal services.