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Leonard Scheff, an American Trial Attorney, used to rely on anger to fuel his court persona; that is, until he realized just how destructive anger is.  He thereafter co-authored the book “The Cow In The Parking Lot, A Zen Approach To Overcoming Anger”.   Mr. Scheff’s book inspired me to write this article as a small […] Read more

AB Trusts in Florida

Business and investment strategies are designed to take advantage of the existing legal framework.  So, for example, if the U.S. tax code includes a credit incentivizing business investment in a certain area, a strategy that makes maximum use of that credit might make sense.  Estate planning, of course, is no different.  If your goal is […] Read more

Florida Homestead Consequences if No Last Will

Today’s article is about what happens to a Florida homestead, a/k/a “family home” when someone forgets all about their spouse and then dies without ever having added a spouse to the title of the family home. This misstep can to a messy probate for the surviving spouse.  Even worse, if the deceased spouse neglected to […] Read more

In estate and contract law, a “beneficiary” is simply someone who has the legal right to receive the benefits of an instrument or contract.  A beneficiary of a will, for example, has the right to receive distributions of estate assets through the will.  Or a trust’s beneficiary is someone who receives disbursements of trust assets […] Read more

Spousal Elective Share Florida

Today’s topic has caused many a successor trustee in Florida some serious concerns and loss of  sleep during the Florida trust administration process.  Most people aren’t aware of the concept of a “spousal elective share in Florida” and how these important spousal rights in Florida could derail your estate plan. The elective share concept applies […] Read more

Florida LLC for Estate Planning

Common Advantages to Using LLCs in Florida and Elsewhere With their exceptional flexibility, limited liability companies (LLCs) are a favorite structure of business owners in Florida and throughout the country.  A Florida LLC (like LLCs in most other states) can combine the efficiency and simplicity of sole proprietorships and partnerships with the robust legal protections […] Read more

Florida Living Trust Benefits

Most of our clients and friends who are Florida residents know that a Florida revocable living trust is a useful family document and can be important for avoiding probate in Florida. However, while a Florida revocable trust is an ideal option for avoiding probate, there are many additional benefits that may be extremely useful for your […] Read more

Although some individual trusts can be highly complicated, the fundamental concept is fairly straight-forward.  After creating and signing a “declaration of trust” or “trust agreement” setting forth the terms under which the trust will operate, the person establishing the trust (the “grantor,” or “settlor”) formally transfers assets into the trust.  Once transferred, the “trustee” appointed […] Read more

Florida Estate Planning Legal Fees

It’s a common misconception, likely attributable to television dramas, that all lawyers have large conference rooms and rake in money hand over fist.  Most misconceptions about lawyers’ rates come from a lack of understanding of the various structures and billing methods particular to the legal field.  In this post, because we are Florida estate planners, […] Read more

Power of Attorney Image

We tend to think of the word “attorney” as a synonym for “lawyer.”  And, for the most part, that’s usually the case.  Technically speaking, though, an “attorney” is an individual empowered to act on behalf of someone else, and it doesn’t always have to refer to a lawyer.  An “attorney in fact,” for instance, is […] Read more