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Asset protection is about protecting the “stuff” that you have worked so hard to accumulate and yet this concept may mean different things to different people.  For some, asset protection is as simple as keeping funds in the bank and using a safe deposit box.  Others visualize offshore trust accounts and hiding assets in obscure […] Read More

When referring to "estate planning", the term “estate” consists of the bundle of assets and liabilities that  you own at time of your death.  When referring to your "assets", they consist of anything that you own that has some value.  Your  "liabilities" are basically debts or amounts that you owe to third parties. Despite the fact that almost […] Read More

This week’s topic considers the question of how to plan your estate most effectively when you are primarily concerned with the welfare of your adult children. Sometimes there is doubt about an adult child's ability to handle an inheritance responsibly. Other times, parents may be too confident in their adult children and engage in unwise planning efforts by […] Read More

As an introduction, Medicaid planning in Florida is basically Florida estate planning with a twist.  The required documents and legal issues are similar to those needed for conventional Florida estate planning. However, if aging adults are involved in the estate planning, there is a greater emphasis on a planning strategy that is focused on paying for long-term […] Read More

If your Florida estate plan does not include Florida asset protection measures, you probably do not have a complete estate plan. Asset protection and estate planning are different sides of the same coin. While asset protection includes safeguarding your finances in the event of a foreclosure, bankruptcy filing or civil lawsuit, it also entails placing your assets […] Read More

You may know that handling firearms wisely involves some important steps such as participating in gun safety training and purchasing secure gun storage.  However, you may not know that handling your firearms wisely also concerns your estate planning and how your firearms are titled.  You see, guns are an asset and depending upon the collection, these […] Read More

Every competent adult has the legal right to make healthcare decisions for themselves. However, medical circumstances resulting from injury or disease can render someone incapacitated and unable to make these decisions.  When these decisions need to be made for an incapacitated person, an enforceable Florida healthcare directive becomes critical. What is a Florida Healthcare Directive?  However, […] Read More

Many things in life are a question of motivation, and estate planning is no exception.  It isn't too hard to believe that people generally spend a lot more time and energy planning their annual Florida vacation than planning their Florida estate?  Do you need some statistics to back that up? According to Lexis Nexis, a […] Read More

Although I always try to explain legal concepts in plain language, I am aware that many of my posts include Florida estate planning terms that may not be easily understandable...   I am therefore dedicating this article to clearing up some basic legal jargon in the hope of making future articles clearer and more informative.  Although I'll try to […] Read More

In December 2016, the Special Needs Trust Fairness Act became law at the federal level, meaning that Congress and the President in Washington D.C. passed it.  It now is up to the states who make take some time to adopt their own version of the federal law. To set the stage for this topic, I […] Read More