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Disposition of Remains in Florida

When it comes to your Florida estate planning documents, among the easiest areas to overlook is the instructions for the disposition of remains in Florida. I admit, this topic is a bit morbid, no pun intended. However, I suggest that you stay with me and learn about this topic, because it is a huge issue for […] Read More

3 Florida estate planning steps you can take now

There are 3 Florida estate planning steps you can take now which are relatively simple and yet may prevent major estate planning complications. The following 3 Florida estate planning steps you can take now are simple steps that can prevent some common estate planning pitfalls and are relatively simple: Insurance products have beneficiary designations and by default, many people […] Read More

3 Practical Estate Planning Tips to Limit Sibling Rivalry

Some family conflicts are inevitable and are especially common among siblings. This article will offer some general suggestions for limiting family conflicts by fostering healing AND will summarize 3 practical estate planning tips to limit sibling rivalry. You might say that a death in the family can do strange things to people.  All people grieve differently and […] Read More

5 Deep Florida Estate Planning Questions Often Not Asked

The reason for hiring an attorney who is a seasoned Florida estate planning expert is to have someone guide you to consider Florida estate planning questions that you would not normally think of asking. Sometimes, attorneys who focus in a practice area such as family law or litigation just purchase some software to create estate planning documents […] Read More

Different types of legal fees

It’s a common misconception, likely attributable to cable television dramas, that all lawyers have large conference rooms and rake in money hand over fist.  Most misconceptions about lawyers’ rates come from a lack of understanding of the various structures and billing methods particular to the legal field.  Below we cover the three most common fee […] Read More

Using Qualified Income Trusts for Florida Medicaid Planning

This week's topic arises in the fast moving climate of today's Medicaid world.  You may or may not be aware that in Florida Medicaid Programs evolved in 2014 with the onset of Medicaid Managed Care Programs and HCBS Programs which in a sense replaced earlier waiver programs. For traditional Medicaid as well as the Managed Care programs, using qualified income […] Read More

Non-traditional Estate Planning in Florida

The definition of "family" has expanded to become more inclusive over the past 25 years to include many variations in lifestyle. For those who live a non-traditional lifestyle, the importance of non-traditional estate planning in Florida may be even greater than for traditional families. A non-traditional family may involve a couple living in an unmarried relationship. A blended family with children […] Read More

Estate taxes in Florida and portability

The Heckerling Institute of Estate Planning in Orlando, Florida, is a sort of "Superbowl"in the world of Florida estate planning. This is where the upper echelon of "tax geeks" got together not too long ago and addressed the question of "estate tax planning in Florida and portability". After all, we all like things portable, right?   […] Read More

Just as regular medical checkups are important for physical health, regular checkups are important to diagnose the need for regular estate planning updates in Florida. There are 3 kinds of life changes that impact your estate plan in Florida.  These 3 major areas of change make it very important to schedule a regular checkup with your Florida estate planning attorney for […] Read More

Blending your business succession plan with your estate plan in Florida

Blast Off!  You've created an estate plan AND even put together a business succession plan for your family business.  Now, you need to ask yourself if they talk to each other? If not, this article will help you understand the concept of blending your business succession plan with your estate plan in Florida. This is […] Read More