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Long Term Care Insurance Florida

I often advise clients that there are a only a few major risks to consider in your retirement years. The top of the short list is rising healthcare costs, followed by the the arguably lower likelihood of random law suits warranting Florida asset protection and estate tax exposure. Rising healthcare costs bear a direct relationship with […] Read More

Differences Between Revocable Living Trusts and Irrevocable Trusts

There are a lot of questions and general confusion about the differences between revocable living trusts and irrevocable trusts, which are the two primary types of trusts, and in this article I will explain the key differences by discussing the definitions, uses, benefits and drawbacks of each.   Defining a Revocable Living Trust A “living trust” is […] Read More

Outdated Estate Planning Documents [Problems and Solutions Updated!}

The problem with really old estate planning documents in Florida (or other states) is that they are more likely to become inaccurate or unreliable as time passes. Changes in the Law and Old Estate Planning Documents Your Old Estate Planning Documents May Be Legally Incorrect or Obsolete in Florida Due to Changes in Circumstances or Updates […] Read More

This week’s post is borrowed from the last chapter of our book, Legal Mumbo Jumbo, which was written with the same purpose as this blog…to empower individuals, investors, business owners and families, to more confidently guide the course of their legal affairs.  Sometimes, taking charge of your own legal matters, such as your Florida estate planning, […] Read More

Federal Estate Taxes

Not too long ago, Donald Trump and the Republicans stunned America with a decisive victory and this shift in policy will be felt in various sectors for some time.  One of the key questions that is now front and center is tax reform. More specific to our estate planning mission is the lingering question whether the […] Read More

3 Practical Estate Planning Tips to Limit Sibling Rivalry

Some family conflicts are inevitable and are especially common among siblings. This article will offer some helpful Florida estate planning guidelines to limit sibling rivalry and other family conflicts. Even if you’re not in Florida, these tips should apply in your state of residence. The problem of sibling rivalry (and other family conflicts) usually occur often during the trust […] Read More

Common Estate Planning Terms

Although I always strive to explain concepts in plain language, I am mindful of the fact that many of my posts include legal jargon that may not be easily understandable to the average reader.  So I am dedicating this article to clearing up some common estate planning terms defined in plain language, sans the legal […] Read More

Inheritance and Medicaid eligibility consequences

When folks are doing estate planning in Florida, they often are trying to take care of those they love the most, and this is one of my favorite things being a Florida estate planning attorney.  However, many don’t realize that their generosity can backfire if they fail to consider the relative circumstances of those loved ones […] Read More

Real Estate and Florida Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning issues have been hot topics in recent years, and this trend is not likely to slow down.  With substantial ongoing “governmental” changes and a massive number of aging baby boomers, this issue is front and center for many families. One of the big questions for Medicaid planning is how the ownership of assets […] Read More

Life Insurance for Estate Planning

Life Insurance for Estate Planning

When people think about estate planning in Florida, and most other states, most of the time the focus involves the legal estate planning documents that need to be put in place. However, there is another side to estate planning that involves various tools that can be strategically used to support your overall estate planning goals. […] Read More