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Real Estate and Florida Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning issues have been hot topics in recent years, and this trend is not likely to slow down.  With substantial ongoing “governmental” changes and a massive number of aging baby boomers, this issue is front and center for many families. One of the big questions for Medicaid planning is how the ownership of assets […] Read More

Life Insurance for Estate Planning

Life Insurance for Estate Planning

When people think about estate planning in Florida, and most other states, most of the time the focus involves the legal estate planning documents that need to be put in place. However, there is another side to estate planning that involves various tools that can be strategically used to support your overall estate planning goals. […] Read More

LLC vs Land Trust for Real Estate Investors

This topic is a key Florida asset protection question for real estate investors who hold multiple properties.  This question concerns whether to title your real estate investment property in Florida in an LLC or Land Trust, and this depends upon the goals and preferences of the investor. The 2 most common “recommended” ways to hold real property […] Read More

DIY Last Will and Testament

I visited with a terrific couple during a recent Florida estate planning consultation and they asked me what I consider to be a very valid question.  An acquaintance of theirs, probably during a dinner party, had “spouted off” about how he had just created his own “do-it yourself” DIY last will and testament from a “form” […] Read More

Categorizing Estate Assets

You may know that probate administration in Florida is likely to occur whenever an individual dies with assets titled in his or her individual name. If you have a Florida revocable living trust, you may also know that this tool is designed to avoid the probate process. However, without knowing more categorizing estate assets AND […] Read More

Downsize Your Estate for Medicaid

It is common knowledge among professionals in the estate planning world that to downsize your estate may be an important part of limiting your federal estate tax exposure.  This can be done through “gifting” to individuals and other entities, such as irrevocable trusts, or pursuing other “spend down” strategies. However, professionals aren’t always aware of the […] Read More

Special Needs Trust

We are always monitoring new legal changes in the legal landscape. One ever-changing area related to the Affordable Care Act (a/k/a Obamacare) is the special needs trust. A special needs trust is a unique and important planning tool within the realm of Elder Law and Medicaid Planning. These are used for the young and old alike and […] Read More

Hiring a Lawyer

Admittedly, lawyers aren’t always the most “touchy feely” crowd. Usually, people don’t want to have to hire a lawyer for obvious reasons that include spending your hard earned money and dealing with problems you’d rather avoid.  So, if you’re finding that it is necessary for you to hire a lawyer, consider these 5 things lawyers don’t want […] Read More

Mindful Law and Legal Services

Leonard Scheff, an American Trial Attorney, used to rely on anger to fuel his court persona; that is, until he realized just how destructive anger is.  He thereafter co-authored the book “The Cow In The Parking Lot, A Zen Approach To Overcoming Anger”.   Mr. Scheff’s book inspired me to write this article as a small […] Read More

7 Florida Estate Planning Mistakes That Can Make You Look Dumb

You may think that I’m being harsh, but I’ve seen a lot of stuff in the estate planning world that can only be described as not smart. So, in a good faith attempt to prevent further “dumbness”, this article will offer insight into 7 Florida estate planning mistakes that can make you look dumb later if not corrected. […] Read More