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change icon to illustrate estate planning changes for Floridians in 2022

Oftentimes, people use the term “estate planning” and “elder law” interchangeably. In fact, you’d be surprised how many Floridians confuse elder law with estate planning. Although both have a wide range of related factors, they are fundamentally and legally different.  Today, the increase in average lifespan means people need to think about their standards of […] Read more

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Your Florida Estate Plan

Whether it’s famous cryptocurrencies or blockchain tokens, there is no restriction on how much you can hold it.  Although it is an excellent way to maintain wealth, it can also pose issues involving security.  In certain casesm it even  adds more complexities when it comes to transferring and gifting crypto wealth.  And this is where […] Read more

NFA Gun Trust in Florida

You may know that handling firearms wisely involves some important steps such as participating in gun safety training and purchasing secure gun storage.  However, you may not know that handling your firearms wisely also concerns your estate planning and how your firearms are titled.  You see, guns are an asset and depending upon the collection, […] Read more

SLAT Trusts in Florida

With the prospect of a reduced federal estate tax exemption looming in the near future, taxpayers are considering tax-mitigation strategies that capitalize on today’s record-high exemption. Asset protection, or protection from potential lawsuits, is also top of mind in today’s litigation prone landscape.  For these reasons, spousal lifetime access trusts—or “SLATS”— in Florida are fast […] Read more

Florida Asset Protection

Asset protection is about protecting the “stuff” that you have worked so hard to accumulate. It sounds simple and yet the idea of protecting your stuff may mean very different things to different people. This article will attempt to simply this concept by first defining what asset protection is as a critical part of a […] Read more

Asset Protection in Florida

If your  plan does not include asset protection in Florida, you may not have a complete estate plan or, what we refer to as, a 360 degree estate plan. Asset protection in Florida and estate planning in Florida are different sides of the same coin and this article will address why a one sided coin or incomplete […] Read more

Trust Graphic for Wealth Tax Increase Strategies

PLANNING AHEAD FOR LIKELY FEDERAL ESTATE TAX INCREASES Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) took effect in 2018, federal estate taxes have been deemphasized in estate planning. The TCJA more than doubled the federal estate tax exemption—from $5.49 million to $11.18 million. As a result, only about one in 1,000 deceased Americans have […] Read more

A-B Trusts and High Net Worth Estate Planning in Florida

Careful estate tax planning maximizes the legacy you leave for the next generation and minimizes the transaction costs of administration and asset transfers, and when planning concerns high net worth estates, tax planning becomes critical.  With substantial tax exemption changes on the horizon, there is now an even greater sense of urgency to take advantage […] Read more

HIPAA and Medical Privacy in the Covid-19 Era

Since its dramatic entrance on the national scene in early 2020, COVID-19 has precipitated some monumental societal changes.  COVID vaccinations in particular have raised some important questions relating to healthcare privacy.  Can an employer compel an employee to divulge his or her vaccination status?  Or to get the vaccine?  Can governments force citizens to receive […] Read more

Florida Residency Advantages

Ever since air conditioning became affordable for ordinary people, Florida’s warm weather has been attracting new residents. The tumult of 2020 seems to have accelerated that trend, with only Texas picking up more new residents. When it comets to establishing Florida residency, there are plenty of factors underlying Florida’s popularity, and not just the sunshine. […] Read more