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Estate taxes in Florida and portability

The Heckerling Institute of Estate Planning in Orlando, Florida, is a sort of "Superbowl"in the world of Florida estate planning. This is where the upper echelon of "tax geeks" got together not too long ago and addressed the question of "estate tax planning in Florida and portability". After all, we all like things portable, right?   […] Read More

Just as regular medical checkups are important for physical health, regular checkups are important to diagnose the need for regular estate planning updates in Florida. There are 3 kinds of life changes that impact your estate plan in Florida.  These 3 major areas of change make it very important to schedule a regular checkup with your Florida estate planning attorney for […] Read More

Blending your business succession plan with your estate plan in Florida

Blast Off!  You've created an estate plan AND even put together a business succession plan for your family business.  Now, you need to ask yourself if they talk to each other? If not, this article will help you understand the concept of blending your business succession plan with your estate plan in Florida. This is […] Read More

Prenuptial agreements in Florida

When most people think about prenuptial agreements in Florida (or any other state), they immediately visualize the stereotypical rich older dude marrying a young babe...or perhaps its the wealthy "cougar" marrying the svelte young muscle head. But I digress. Prenuptial agreements in Florida (a/k/a "prenup"), as well as its alter ego the post-nup ("postnuptial agreement") are actually very important […] Read More

Business Continuity Succession Planning

If you've owned a business in Florida for any length of time, you've most likely crossed paths with any number of advisors. If any of those advisors typically work with business owners, they may have suggested that it is a good idea do business continuity succession planning. If you've never been given such advice, perhaps it is the time […] Read More

Florida last will and testament

Arguably the most famous of all the estate planning documents for Floridians is the Florida last will and testament.  This simple document concerns a deceased loved one's last wishes.  It involves a life legacy for many and can pass a fortune. For all these reasons and more, this simple document generates a lot of emotions for loved […] Read More

The probate process in Florida, as in most other states,  is a court process which is utilized to re-title the assets in a Florida estate  into the names of heirs and designated beneficiaries. Like any other court process, there is a strict process for completing a probate in Florida. This process is governed by the Florida rules […] Read More

Florida last will and testament

For those of you who've had family members pass away in Florida, you may have experienced being appointed to serve as the "executor" or "personal representative" of a Florida probate estate.  Those of you who have served in this role may realize that there is much more to it than one might think. One analogy that opening […] Read More

What is a revocable living trust? Taking this term down to its component parts means that the first question is what is a trust, and then what does “living” and “revocable” say about that trust. A trust is an agreement that is entered into by the person who creates the trust (the settlor, grantor or trustmaker) AND the […] Read More

Asset protection is about protecting the “stuff” that you have worked so hard to accumulate and yet this concept may mean different things to different people.  For some, asset protection is as simple as keeping funds in the bank and using a safe deposit box.  Others visualize offshore trust accounts and hiding assets in obscure […] Read More