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Life Insurance Trust in Florida

There are plenty of good reasons to buy life insurance, not the least of which is ensuring your loved ones have a means of support after you’re gone. And, along with this important function, life insurance is also a valuable estate-planning tool.  By providing a reliable source of cash to pay taxes, funeral costs, and […] Read More

Inheritance and Florida Medicaid eligibility consequences

When folks are doing estate planning in Florida, they often are trying to take care of those they love the most, and this is one of my favorite things being a Florida estate planning attorney.  However, many don’t realize that their generosity can backfire if they fail to consider the relative circumstances of those loved ones […] Read More

Wealth Transfer and Generation Skipping Trusts

Everyone has different priorities in estate planning, but the ultimate goals are usually similar.  First and foremost, you want the assets to go to the person or entity of your choosing. For most folks planning wealth transfers in Florida, this means family, but including charitable gifts as part of an estate plan is not uncommon.  […] Read More

Florida Homestead Advantages

During hard times, home can be a refuge from the pressures of the world – a place to find shelter, security, and love.  And for Florida residents experiencing financial difficulties, home can also serve as a safe haven from creditors due to the many Florida homestead advantages to be discussed in this article. THERE’S NO […] Read More

Irrevocable Trusts in Florida

Trusts are a great tool for accomplishing a vast range of financial goals.  They can help reduce tax liability, avoid the expense and inconvenience of probate, establish or maintain eligibility for government benefits, or any number of other specialized objectives. Indeed, a robust familiarity with trusts is an integral component of any experienced estate planner’s […] Read More

FL LLC Advantages for Small Business

Florida is known for its warm climate and sunshine.  And, if you’re an entrepreneur thinking about starting a new business, Florida also offers one of the nation’s most business-friendly legal climates, including a varied range of business entities or “structures” as we’ll refer to them in this article. THE LLC STRUCTURE FOR FLORIDA SMALL BUSINESSES […] Read More

Estate Planning Questions Not Often Asked

The reason for hiring an attorney who is a seasoned estate planning expert is to have someone guide you to consider Florida estate planning questions that you would not normally think of asking. Sometimes, attorneys who focus in a practice area such as family law or litigation just purchase some software to create estate planning documents for […] Read More

Living Wills and Advance Directives in Florida

Understandably, most people don’t view end-of-life medical treatment as a particularly pleasant topic to consider.  After all, choices about end-of-life care are some of life’s most sobering decisions. But there are some very important reasons to think about these subjects in advance. When you’re calm, in good health, and not under the stress of an […] Read More

Florida Homestead Titled in Florida Living Trust

One question that has often come into my practice, and has actually been the subject of some question within the Florida legal community, is whether a Florida Homestead should be titled into a Florida revocable living trust? Defining a Florida Resident In Florida, a homestead is generally understood as one’s personal place of residence. This […] Read More

Medicaid Planning [IRA and 401(k) Accounts]

Careful Medicaid planning can be the difference between access to quality healthcare and the unfortunate alternatives – insufficient care or none whatsoever. In Florida, Medicaid planning focuses first on getting qualified and a key concern often involves implementing key Florida Medicaid planning strategies for IRA and 401(k) accounts. It sounds dramatic.  But, with Medicaid’s strict […] Read More