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Medicaid Planning Emotional Hardships

The aging of a loved one, particularly a parent or spouse, can be described as an emotional roller coaster. The changes that a loved one is experiencing, as well as the financial and other emotional pressures, make this a very frightening time for many people and yet there are serious issues to navigate at the […] Read More

Disposition of Remains in Florida

When it comes to your Florida estate planning documents, among the easiest areas to overlook is the instructions for the disposition of remains in Florida. I admit, this topic is a bit morbid, pun intended. However, I suggest that you stay with me and learn about this topic, because it is a huge issue for families. […] Read More

5 Florida Living Trust Benefits

Most of our clients and many of our colleagues who are Florida residents know that a Florida revocable living trust is a useful family document and can be important for avoiding probate in Florida. However, while a Florida revocable trust is an ideal option for avoiding probate, there are many additional benefits that may be extremely useful for […] Read More

Florida Living Trust Asset Protection

You’ve probably heard that living trusts can avoid probate, yet how about providing asset protection from protection creditor attacks? Understanding Asset Protection in Florida Defining asset protection in Florida is a great first step to understanding how to use your living trust effectively because asset protection is a important part of your Florida estate plan. […] Read More

Why Everyone Should Start a Business

I often say that people tend to trade freedom for security.  This is the driving force compelling millions of people to work uninspiring 9-5 jobs rather than risk starting their own business. Yet, is there any real security in today’s job market. The fact is that anyone can be “let go” from a “secure” job […] Read More

Many of our readers, who are also clients, may know that I am not part of the genre of attorneys who enjoy litigation.  On the contrary, over the years I’ve gone to great lengths to assist clients in avoiding court action whenever possible.   I also am committed to counseling clients when doing estate planning […] Read More

Estate Planning from the Heart

This week’s inspirational topic was prompted by a bit of philosophy from the author Osho. As many of my readers know, I believe that estate planning involves so much more than providing the essential estate planning documents.  Yes, the right documents and preparing them well is so important as is updating your old estate planning […] Read More

Legacy Estate Planning

In the estate planning world, there is always a lot of chatter about “leaving a legacy”. However, like most professional jargon, often people don’t understand what the idea of leaving a legacy or what we like to call, legacy estate planning in Florida, really means at a practical level. In this article, we will attempt […] Read More

How estate planning can improve your relationships

Whenever, I delve into the inspirational “self help” world, I try to give a nod toward estate planning in Florida because this is our calling as a firm. That said, healthy relationships are a topic this is near and dear to everything that we do at Gibbs Law for more than a few reasons.  A couple […] Read More

how to title real estate for asset protection

President Donald Trump is making a lot of headlines these days. I’ve mentioned him in this week’s blog, not as political commentary, but because his prior vocation is helpful in adding depth to today’s topic of how to structure your real estate holdings for maximum asset protection. A number of years ago, President Trump’s lawyer at that […] Read More