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How estate planning can improve your relationships

Whenever, I delve into the inspirational “self help” world, I try to give a nod toward estate planning in Florida because this is our calling as a firm. That said, healthy relationships are a topic this is near and dear to everything that we do at Gibbs Law for more than a few reasons.  A couple […] Read More

how to title real estate for asset protection

President Donald Trump is making a lot of headlines these days. I’ve mentioned him in this week’s blog, not as political commentary, but because his prior vocation is helpful in adding depth to today’s topic of how to structure your real estate holdings for maximum asset protection. A number of years ago, President Trump’s lawyer at that […] Read More

Estate Planning for Digital Assets

It is often the case that science and technology gets ahead of the law and this trend has impacted the world of estate planning in a big way. Digital assets and electronic communication medium have been evolving since the emergence of the web and this has presented numerous legal challenges. So, this article is an […] Read More

Serving as Personal Representative

Many people suddenly find themselves in the position of serving as Personal Representative of an estate in Florida (or elsewhere).  Although it is an honor to be appointed to this position of trust, for many people, it can be a complicated and unnerving experience that requires a crash course in a very unfamiliar subject. To […] Read More

Opening a Probate in Florida

For those of you who’ve had family members pass away in Florida, you may have experienced being appointed to serve as the “executor” or “personal representative” of a Florida probate estate.  Those of you who have served in this role may realize that there is much more to it than one might think. For starters, the […] Read More

Self Help Legal Services

Make no mistake about it, we are living in a world where the average consumer is completely out gunned by sophisticated experts operating in virtually every area of commerce. This may sound paranoid, but if you look closely, you’ll see this phenomena operating in the areas of nutrition, medical, business and investments, and yes, the […] Read More

Using Long Term Care Insurance for Florida Medicaid Planning

Did you know that one of the biggest risks to your future estate plan in Florida is long term medical care costs? This is also the planning concern that is most often missed or ignored by planners. There are only a few ways to plan for these costs and one way that can be effective […] Read More

Asset Protection in Florida

If your  plan does not include asset protection in Florida, you may not have a complete estate plan or, what we refer to as, a 360 degree estate plan. Asset protection in Florida and estate planning in Florida are different sides of the same coin and this article will address why a one sided coin or incomplete […] Read More

Step Up In Basis

The recent passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which raised the federal estate tax exemption to approximately $11 million dollars for an individual ($22,000 for married couples). Despite some speculation to the contrary, the “step up in basis” on inherited assets, was preserved and this opened up an opportunity for certain individuals […] Read More

LLC for Medicaid Planning

In a recent round table discussion, a number of couples and individuals were interested in planning for long term medical care.  One of the issues that arose involved a woman who owns a number of rental properties. She asked about the options for titling the properties in her son’s name or, alternatively, using a Trust or […] Read More