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Florida Asset Protection

Asset protection is about protecting the “stuff” that you have worked so hard to accumulate. It sounds simple and yet the idea of protecting your stuff may mean very different things to different people. This article will attempt to simply this concept by first defining what asset protection is as a critical part of a […] Read more

President Donald Trump is making a lot of headlines these days. I’ve mentioned him in this week’s blog, not as political commentary, but because his prior vocation is helpful in adding depth to today’s topic of how to structure your real estate holdings for maximum asset protection. A number of years ago, President Trump’s lawyer at that […] Read more

If your  plan does not include asset protection in Florida, you may not have a complete estate plan or, what we refer to as, a 360 degree estate plan. Asset protection in Florida and estate planning in Florida are different sides of the same coin and this article will address why a one sided coin or incomplete […] Read more

 As a small business owner, it is very important to make the time to address “housekeeping” issues proactively to protect your business. Most business owners just press forward without thinking about the ramifications of a lawsuit. Yet every business owner faces liability from any number of sources such as customers, vendors, landlords and employees. Managing […] Read more

This topic is a key Florida asset protection question for real estate investors who hold multiple properties.  This question concerns whether to title your real estate investment property in Florida in Florida Land Trusts vs. LLCs in Florida and this depends upon the goals and preferences of the investor. The 2 most common “recommended” ways to hold […] Read more