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Florida LLC

We live in a world of abundant “on line” forms and services. Quickie “do it yourself” LLCs, much like “self help DIY Florida estate plans“ are usually not a good idea.  When it comes to your legal concerns, as in most things, you get what you pay for. That said, because LLCs can be filed […] Read more

We recently reviewed some great creditor protection strategies that can be included in any Florida LLC Operating Agreement. This is continuation of that snapshot to offer 3 reasons why an LLC for Florida Asset Protection can offer an effective and simple solution. As a refresher, creditor protection in Florida is a term that is used interchangeably […] Read more

Florida is known for its warm climate and sunshine.  And, if you’re an entrepreneur thinking about starting a new business, Florida also offers one of the nation’s most business-friendly legal climates, including a varied range of business entities or “structures” as we’ll refer to them in this article. THE LLC STRUCTURE FOR FLORIDA SMALL BUSINESSES […] Read more

 As a small business owner, it is very important to make the time to address “housekeeping” issues proactively to protect your business. Most business owners just press forward without thinking about the ramifications of a lawsuit. Yet every business owner faces liability from any number of sources such as customers, vendors, landlords and employees. Managing […] Read more

This topic is a key Florida asset protection question for real estate investors who hold multiple properties.  This question concerns whether to title your real estate investment property in Florida in Florida Land Trusts vs. LLCs in Florida and this depends upon the goals and preferences of the investor. The 2 most common “recommended” ways to hold […] Read more