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Estate Planning

The reason for hiring an attorney who is a seasoned estate planning expert is to have someone guide you to consider Florida estate planning questions that you would not normally think of asking. Sometimes, attorneys who focus in a practice area such as family law or litigation just purchase some software to create estate planning documents for […] Read more

This week’s inspirational topic was prompted by a bit of philosophy from the author Osho. As many of my readers know, I believe that estate planning involves so much more than providing the essential estate planning documents.  Yes, the right documents and preparing them well is so important as is updating your old estate planning […] Read more

The topic of estate planning in Florida, or wherever your home state may be, is not usually thought of as exciting, and it might even be considered a bit boring depending upon the audience.  However, regardless of the topic, many people are perpetually bored with themselves or their life, and you might say this is a […] Read more

When people think about Florida estate planning, and most other states, most of the time their focus involves the legal estate planning documents that need to be put in place. However, there is another side to estate planning that involves various tools that can be strategically used to support your overall estate planning goals. One […] Read more

There are 3 Florida estate planning steps you can take now which are relatively simple and yet may prevent major estate planning complications. 3 Important Florida Estate Planning Steps to Take Now The following 3 Florida estate planning steps you can take now are simple steps that can prevent some common estate planning pitfalls and are relatively simple: Double […] Read more

One of the hard facts of life is that many of us do NOT take action on the things that we feel most inclined to do. There are a number of reasons for this tendency. Perhaps the desire isn’t important enough or maybe it is just too difficult. Perhaps we believe that we have lots of time. Of […] Read more

In the mystical book, “The Divine Matrix“, Gregg Braden tells how he posed a question to a lifelong monk in a monastery in a remote mountain village.  He asked the monk to define what is the energy that connects all of us?  The monk offered the simple answer…compassion. It is a fact, that in this business of estate planning, […] Read more

Surveys show that about 70% of Americans have done no estate planning whatsoever…not even a simple will.  We all know that New Year’s Eve is a time to create some goals or resolutions, if you will, for the new year.  If you’re in that 70% category and are a Florida resident, I encourage you to […] Read more

Acclaimed star of the Fast & Furious series, Paul Walker, died in a tragic car crash at age 40. His estate was thereafter opened in the Santa Barbara County Superior Court and it was revealed that his assets were valued at approximately $25 million. Further investigation revealed that planning mistakes were made as the result […] Read more