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Your estate planning is as unique as the circumstances of your life. Life events such as business ownership, second marriages OR being in a “non-traditional” relationship ALL have an impact on your planning. Having children with unique circumstances such as drug abuse OR special needs can create unique estate planning concerns. Additionally, Federal estate law imposes a “death tax” upon your estate if it exceeds a certain value (this is based upon your gross estate without accounting for debts).

For all of the above reasons, carefully considering the following questions will help you identify key estate concerns and assist us in helping you identify focus areas as we begin your estate planning process. Your information is held in the strictest confidence and is never shared with anyone.

Don’t worry if you’re uncertain about answering any question as part of our process is to assist you in clarifying any problem areas.

  • Identify heirs such as siblings, children, grandchildren OR other beneficiaries...include name, approximate age, and relationship.
  • Identify real estate, financial accounts, personal property vehicles, collectibles, etc.
  • Identify all parties who may be considered lenders with unpaid balances such as banks, credit card companies, finance companies and all other third parties with outstanding loans subject to be repaid.
  • Include name, relationship, approximate age, and state of residence (key roles are trustee, personal representative/executor, legal guardian, power of attorney, and healthcare surrogate).
  • May include your personal goals and/or concerns OR description of ANY other matter pertaining to your unique circumstances.
  • There is an initial consultation fee at is $395 if you pay at the time of the consultation or discounted to $345 if you pay today.
    *Submission of information to Gibbs Law Office, PLLC does not establish an attorney-client relationship between Gibbs Law Office, PLLC and the user. We are not your attorneys until the terms of the agreement are confirmed in writing.