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Medicaid Planning

It’s undeniable:  long-term care is expensive.  And the costs just keep rising.  In 2019, nursing home rates in Florida of $6,000 or more per month are not uncommon.  When you consider that around 75 percent of seniors will need long-term care in Florida at some point, paying for it becomes a major concern in most […] Read more

The topic of how “good estate planning” may be “bad Medicaid planning” has merited some serious attention, and this concern seems to be gaining traction in the uncertain world of elder law and Florida Medicaid planning. One example is where Florida revocable trusts and Florida asset protection techniques are implemented to safeguard estate assets, but little thought […] Read more

This week’s topic is a highly technical one which continues to evolve in the fast moving climate of today’s Florida Medicaid world.  Florida Medicaid Programs evolved in 2014 with the onset of newly named “Managed Care Programs” and Home and Community Based Services (“HCBS” ) Programs, which replaced the earlier “Medicaid Waiver” programs. Florida, is […] Read more

The aging of a loved one, particularly a parent or spouse, can be described as an emotional roller coaster. The changes that a loved one is experiencing, as well as the financial and other emotional pressures, make this a very frightening time for many people and yet there are serious issues to navigate at the […] Read more

In a recent round table discussion, a number of couples and individuals were interested in planning for long term medical care.  One of the issues that arose involved a woman who owns a number of rental properties. She asked about the options for titling the properties in her son’s name or, alternatively, using a Trust or […] Read more

Even if you’ve taken the admirable step of setting up an complete estate plan in Florida or your home state, complete with a revocable living trust, pour over wills, durable powers of attorney, advance medical directives and a snazzy binder, you still must address the looming threat of medical cost drainage to your estate. The […] Read more